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5 Ways to Turn Your Kiosks into Brand Assets

You’ve invested in self-order because you’ve seen proof of the results. Or rather, maybe you are thinking of adding this tech to your restaurants.

September 02, 2021
How Kiosk Ordering Reinforces Patron Confidence

We have all been there: in line to place a food order and having difficulty deciding, when suddenly, a line of hungry patrons stacks up behind you. Speed and efficiency are critical when it comes to fulfilling food orders, but what happens when a patron feels rushed or undecided?

August 26, 2021
Short Staffed No More: How Technology Can Lend a Hand

Daily headlines are constantly covering the ongoing labor shortages. The restaurant industry is the main subject of this widespread situation. The end of summer is also approaching, marking the time where many seasonal employees head back to school and take on other jobs.

August 23, 2021