5 Ways to Turn Your Kiosks into Brand Assets


You’ve invested in self-order because you’ve seen proof of the results. Or rather, maybe you are thinking of adding this tech to your restaurants.

You’ve invested in self-order because you’ve seen proof of the results. Or rather, maybe you are thinking of adding this tech to your restaurants. 

Self-order boosts check averages and solves staffing challenges. People tend to order more customized add-ons when all of the options are laid out in front of them and they can take their time to decide. Self-order speeds up service time and allows staff to focus on more pertinent tasks, like greeting customers and assisting with food preparation. 

So how do you lean into your investment? How do you make sure your guests use your kiosks, and how do you leverage your kiosks to maximize guest loyalty? 

Here are a few tips on how to use your kiosks not just as guest service tools, but also as brand assets.

1. Host a "Grand Re-Opening" 

The shiny new technology is a great opportunity for a roll-out event. At first thought, one might think otherwise, but these kiosks redefine the entire ordering and staff-to-guest interaction. A grand re-opening is a great way to bring attention back to your restaurant. Spread the word on social media, invite foodie influencers, and let your local news crew know about the unveiling. A launch event is a great way to drum up press and attract new guests. This also gives something for people to discuss and post about online. 


2. Make the kiosk presence known

You want people to use your kiosks, so make it easy to see where and what they are. Placing kiosks at the counter - where guests are used to ordering - is key. This placement is also closer to staff, allowing a seamless interaction when greeting and answering any questions. Use attention-grabbing signage to guide guests through the ordering flow. Be sure to stagger the kiosks to allow space for privacy during transactions. 


3. Get your team excited

It’s critical to get your whole team on board: show them how self-order improves both guest and employee experiences. Explain how interactions between staff and guests are more valuable, and how transactional tasks like ordering are automated. The kiosks do this  arduous, repetitive work for them. That way, if a guest needs their help, they'll not only know how to help, but they'll be happy and empowered to do so. 


4. Showcase the self-order experience

As restaurant chains grow, they invest in top quality photography and video that memorializes the key elements of their brand: their food, people, culture, customers, and increasingly, their technology. Weave self-order into all your marketing: your brand videos, commercials, website, social, even your loyalty program branding. A well-designed self-order experience is a differentiator, so don't forget to promote it as part of your brand identity.


5. Co-launch other guest experience technology

Ditch your stamp cards and try out a digital loyalty program. Launch a loyalty program that integrates seamlessly with your kiosks. Your customers will have double the incentive to visit again and again. Our NEXTEP kiosks can handle loyalty programs and even recall previous orders when guests opt in to save their phone number or email address. This makes the ordering process easier and increases the likelihood of repeat purchases. 

Self-order kiosks are the new wave in the midst of resource and labor shortages. Now is the perfect time to implement self-order as a part of your restaurant’s technology strategy and brand identity. Add kiosks, and you’ll have happier employees and a new marketing initiative on the horizon. 


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