4 Ways to Make Breakfast Count at Your Fast Casual Restaurant


Breakfast is the most important meal of the day - for your nutrition and for fast casual restaurants.

Recently, global restaurant giants have hit the headlines in a competition to win the best breakfast title. This is a good reason to consider breakfast at your fast casual restaurant. 


More than that, by introducing the breakfast daypart, restaurant chains are maximizing productivity. Rent is a fixed overhead cost, and often, restaurants already have employees come in early to prep the place for lunch. Eggs are an inexpensive ingredient for which consumers are happy to pay an upcharge. When you’ve got the means - that is, the people, the place, and the profit margin - why not push for more performance out of each location?


Here are a few tips to make breakfast a successful and profitable daypart:


1. Staff up where it matters, and let tech do the rest.


In order to maximize productivity, you need to be able to serve the highest volume of guests with only as many employees as you absolutely need. This is even more true at breakfast than other dayparts because check averages tend to be a bit lower.


Technology is the key to minimizing labor deployment without sacrificing service. Whether inside on the counter or outside at the drive-thru, self-order kiosks automate the transactional dimension of the guest experience and free up your staff to be the friendly, hospitable faces of your brand. Kiosks are also a great way to support staff amid labor shortages. 


2. Give guests the freedom to customize and be creative.


As with lunch and dinner dayparts, customizability at breakfast is key and easy to do. You’ve already seen success with your key value proposition: you offer menus closer to full-service at speeds closer to quick-service. Why stray? “Build-your-own” meals with better ingredients are a smash hit morning, mid-day, and night.


Consider scrambles and hash, breakfast bowls and burritos, yogurts and smoothies. Introducing just one or two new ingredients or menu options every so often will open up a world of new combinations, satiating your guests’ appetites for novelty. Using technology such as self-order kiosks will put guests in control of another layer of customization. 


As has been the case with many chains across the US, your breakfast menu may be so popular (and the associated food costs so low) that offering all-day breakfast will be a no-brainer.


3. Kickstart that loyalty program.


Apart from increased productivity, breakfast and coffee have also been shown to drive loyalty. In fact, people frequent coffee shops more than any other type of restaurant. 


Add some loyalty trackers, like the software provided by Xenial, and watch the repeat orders rise faithfully like the sun. Why not add some caffeine and eggs to your daily product mix? Once you’ve got guests loving your breakfast, you’re likely to have won over a loyal customer.


4. Make breakfast mobile.


Along with streamlined operations and a flexible menu, the last key driver of a successful fast casual breakfast daypart is convenience. 


How do you make breakfast both tastier and easier for your guests? Allow them to order and pay ahead of time, so that when they pick up their customized egg scramble, they have the time (and headspace) to enjoy it. The popularity of mobile ordering is only just beginning - now is the time to make one of the most hurried dayparts the most convenient.


We have watched many large fast casual chains incorporate breakfast. So why not try it out yourself? This gives your guests more opportunities to visit your restaurant. For more information on how NEXTEP’s technology works, visit nextepsystems.com.


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