Self-Order Kiosks

Win guest loyalty with our proven Self-Order Kiosks.


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Raise check averages.

Thanks to compelling creative and Intelligent Upsell™, guests tend to say yes to more food and more customized options - resulting in 15+% bigger checks.


Differentiate your brand.

Cutting-edge tech like NEXTEP Facial Recognition helps you stand out from the competition.


Personalize the guest experience.

Self-Order Kiosks recognize each and every guest, no matter how many: guests can pull up their order histories by phone number, credit card, or facial recognition.


Cater to guest lifestyles.

Deliver special menus and nutritional info like calorie counts at the touch of a button, giving customers an easy way to navigate allergy and dietary constraints.


“[NEXTEP Self-Order] is everything. It is my entire front of house staff. It’s my steps of service. It is my training documents.”

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Jon Alexis
Malibu Poke 

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