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Wendy's to Install Self-Order Kiosks in 1,000 Stores

Wendy's Commits to Self-Order to Attract Younger Customers and Eliminate Long Lines

Published on: March 1, 2017. Author: Liah Luther.

Wendy’s has just announced that they will install self-service technology in 1,000 stores this year. By the end of 2017, one in six Wendy’s stores will have three self-order kiosks each.

Why this large scale tech adoption? And how will it affect the restaurant industry? Find out what this self-order strategy means for Wendy’s and for other limited-service brands, large and small…

Younger Customers, Greater Sales + Labor Savings

Wendy’s Chief Information Officer David Trimm explained that these new self-order kiosks will attract younger customers by giving them the kind of ordering experience they prefer. The move is in lockstep with Wendy’s longstanding aim to “establish credible relevance with the Millennial generation,” as then-CEO Emil Brolick put it in 2014.

The kiosks will also help Wendy’s to maximize efficiency and streamline operations in a number of ways: self-ordering will eliminate long lines at peak hours, increase order and sales volume, and save on labor costs.

Trimm expects to see a return on their investment in less than two years.

Self-Order Technology Becomes an Industry Standard

The new emphasis on self-service technology also helps Wendy’s to compete with early tech adopters like McDonald’s, Domino’s, Starbucks, Panera, Which Wich, and Subway.

Panera, for example, began testing kiosks in 2012 and expects all 2,000 locations to roll out the “Panera 2.0” concept with “Fast Lane Kiosks” in the next few years. Blaine Hurst, Executive Vice President and Chief Transformation and Growth Officer at Panera, remarked how customers who used the kiosks come back to the restaurant more often (by a significant margin).

With Wendy’s, McDonald’s, and Panera now fully committed to self-order, a standard has been set for all limited-service restaurants. Many executives have named self-order technology in their long-term strategies, and now, they are likely to move it up on their list of priorities.

What's Your Plan?

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