The SUBWAY Touchscreen Drive-Thru

Throw out the headsets—with the Touchscreen Drive-Thru, customers can buy more, order and pay faster, and get back to their day in no time.


The DT5

We developed our 5th generation drive-thru using 10+ years of experience, along with input from hundreds of SUBWAY owners like you.


Boost Revenue.

Self-ordering customers spend 15% more per transaction thanks to Intelligent Upsell®, and the speed of self-ordering allows a 30% increase in total sales volume.

Increase Speed of Operations.

Self-ordering is intuitive and fast, making the most complicated orders simple for your guests. With Past Order Recall, repeat customers can order in mere seconds.

Maximize Guest Satisfaction.

When guests take their own orders, accuracy increases and miscommunications vanish—meaning faster orders, less food waste, and happier guests.


SUBWAY's most influential + profitable franchisees find that the Touchscreen Drive-Thru has significant impact on their stores + revenue.


SUBWAY Case Study

NEXTEP SYSTEMS Touchscreen Drive-Thru Delivers ROI in 24 Weeks.

SUB00631 (SUB-360).jpg


The DT5 has a small footprint and is wall-mountable, making the drive thru an opportunity even if you have limited square footage or awkward space.




We are happy to work with you to find a payment plan that works for your budget and timeline.


Why Choose the Touchscreen Drive-Thru?

See how the Touchscreen Drive-Thru generates extra revenue for your SUBWAY store.

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