A Letter from Tommy Woycik

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To our valued customers, partners, prospects, and friends:

In October, we announced that NEXTEP SYSTEMS was joining the Xenial family.

This is a very exciting time as we join forces on a shared mission: to help you deliver the best experiences to your guests, employees, and stakeholders.


Xenial (pronounced Zee-Nee-Ul) is ancient Greek for being hospitable for others. Xenial does exactly that, making the most user-hospitable software and experience. It's point-of-sale completely reinvented.

Xenial is enterprise restaurant and managed food service focused. Its technology is installed in 51,000 locations, hosting 110,000 merchants in the cloud and supporting operations in 62 countries. They also have 30 years of experience providing five different POS systems to all sorts of restaurants and retail businesses.

Together, we’ll be able to offer you a greater range of solutions and services that will help you grow and prosper. We’ll be able to leverage Xenial’s product suite and customer service to better support you, and Xenial will invest in our solution so we can deliver more value back to you, faster.

To our current customers: trust that working together will only get better. Your partnership with us is unchanged. The technology you rely on will continue to serve you, and the relationships you’ve built with NEXTEP team members will continue to thrive.

Thank you for being a part of the journey so far. We can’t wait to show you what we’ve planned for the future!

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Tommy Woycik

Founder + President of NEXTEP SYSTEMS
VP of NEXTEP Solutions at Xenial



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