Grocery Deli

Cut your deli lines with a self-service system that lets you fill orders while customers shop.

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No longer will your guests and employees have to rely on the "take-a-number" system. Our solution helps you manage busy delis with a suite of products that integrate ordering and fulfillment. 


Cut out lines.

The after-work rush can overwhelm a 2-person staff. With Deli 1-2-3®, lines will disappear and order volume will increase.


Streamline fulfillment.

The "take-a-ticket" system has historically gotten the job done, but our solution speeds up the process and brings down the error rate. Let your staff focus on order prep and customer service.


Open a Groceraunt.

With our self-order technology, you can serve hot and cold prepared foods as well as specialty items.


“Customers have told me they love the kiosks and that it makes ordering so much easier. They see things that are available to add to their sandwiches that they didn’t know we offered before.”

Paula Janssen
Manager, Janssen’s Market General

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