Why Choose a Cloud-Based Point of Sale System?

So you’ve decided to open a fast casual or quick service concept. Choosing a Point of Sale system is no easy task. Classic cashier, self-service, or both? Register, kiosk, or iPad? Local database or cloud-based? We at NEXTEP certainly have plenty of suggested combinations and configurations. But on that last question, in particular, we are firm believers in the virtues of the cloud.

When a point of sale system operates in the cloud, it draws on shared computing resources – like servers – and is accessed through the internet. That means that instead of having a local database for each of your restaurants, all of your restaurants’ data is stored in the cloud across shared, remote servers. Why does that matter? It gives you quite a few advantages. With a cloud-based point of sale system, you can:


1. Work from anywhere on any device.

All you need is an internet connection. It used to be that to access a particular restaurant’s data, you’d need to be on site (or use VPN). Now, with cloud-based computing, that is not necessary. Need to make a menu change, but you’re at the airport about to catch a flight? Not a problem. Want to run reports from your kitchen table? Be our guest. Access mynextep (our restaurant management tool) whenever it suits you – on your computer, tablet, or phone.


2. Plan for growth.

Cloud-based software scales with your business. Adding 25 locations in 6 months? The system can more than handle it. No need to add local databases or worry about servers. Just copy and paste your branded customer experience from restaurant to restaurant.


3. Get automatic software updates.

...including security updates. You won't have to pay a lump sum to upgrade. Take maintenance off of your plate, and know that you’ll have up-to-date software no matter what, thanks to your subscription.


4. Stay competitive.

Whether you have 3 or 300 locations, benefit from software built to meet the needs of large enterprises. That means easy integrations with loyalty programs, gift cards, rewards, etc. It also means cutting edge features and capabilities. You don’t have to worry about keeping up with the tech curve anymore.


5. Be Supported.

You don't need a software development and maintenance team: it's all done for you and is built into your monthly subscription. You also don’t need to manage your own security or data backup. In the case of disaster, our cloud-based solution has you covered. That's a big cost and management savings.

As a last note: we’ve built our system so that it can run offline if need be. Your menu dayparts will continue to transition, your customers will still be able to order, and you will still be able to take payments. With our solution in place, you have all the benefits of the cloud without having to worry about a lost internet connection.


Want to See the Cloud For Yourself?

Schedule a demo with us to find out more about what our cloud-based solution could do for your operation.