Which Wich Does Drive Thru Differently

Which Wich has topped numerous fastest-growing lists since opening its first location in Dallas, Texas in 2003. A little more than a decade later, Which Wich boasts more than 400 locations open or in development in the United States, and the chain reaches from Mexico to the Middle East. Pioneering the “bag ordering system” (in-store customers order with a red Sharpie and an interactive sandwich bag), Which Wich’s menu delivers “Sandwichfaction Guaranteed®” with 10 sandwich categories and over 60 different toppings including hummus, candied walnuts and Cheez Whiz™.


Which Wich - Tallahassee, Florida

  • Which Wich - Tallahassee, Florida

While expanding their ability to tempt sandwich-holics to “Crave Interesting™” worldwide, Which Wich is also beginning to expand their service capabilities. As part of their “order anywhere” strategy, Which Wich has started to offer drive thru service to deliver their unique version of sandwich-topia to diners on the go. With a menu perfectly designed to cater to younger generations who prefer their food to be compelling, customized, and quick, two Which Wich locations have decided to use technology to appeal to mobile foodies as well.

With self-order poised to take off in 2015, Which Wich has embraced the World’s Fastest Drive Thru™ to cater to tech-marinated twenty-somethings who prefer to do it themselves as well as three-kids-deep soccer-moms who have an easier time entering their order on a touchscreen than shouting over back-seat clamor. The all-weather touchscreen kiosks have seen a huge surge in recent years, with many current World’s Fastest Drive Thru™ owners convinced that with expanded menu offerings, kiosks are the only way they’ll do drive thru.


The Which Wich Crew embraces their new touchscreen technology

With so many ways to customize each “Superior Sandwich,” Which Wich knows that order accuracy and speed are keys to success in an area that is rife with miscommunication at most QSRs. And in 2014, the industry as a whole hung their heads to the longest average drive thru wait times recorded, mostly attributed to increasingly complex menus.

“Which Wich is the perfect concept for our solution,” said Tommy Woycik, President of NEXTEP SYSTEMS, makers of the World’s Fastest Drive Thru™. “They’ve got a unique twist on sandwiches that delivers an experience to every guest instead of just a meal. However, with all of the different options that are available combined with the inherent communication flaws found in the traditional method, self-order really is the better solution for their concept.”

“We’ve proven that the drive thru solution works brilliantly with other sandwich concepts to help every order come out faster and come out right, and we’re thrilled to see a concept like Which Wich embrace it,” Woycik continued.

NEXTEP customized the touchscreen drive thru and skin to showcase Which Wich's brand.

Which Wich has installed the World’s Fastest Drive Thru™ at two locations so far, in Tallahassee, Florida, and Crystal Lake, Illinois. Whereas Crystal Lake won’t be operational until early February, the Tallahassee location has been up and running since December of 2014. So far, the solo kiosk has turned in a stellar performance, neatly upselling to increase drive thru sales and deliver higher check averages.

Reception for the kiosk has been overwhelmingly positive, but one question still remains: Will Which Wich continue to utilize self-order at future locations? All signs point to “yes,” as they have installed an indoor kiosk at their headquarters in Dallas, Texas that routes employee’s orders to their nearest location.


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