West Point, Ft. Irwin and U.S. Patent Office Enlist NEXTEP SYSTEMS Technology

Three federal foodservice providers partner with NEXTEP SYSTEMS
to streamline operations and increase efficiencies
TROY, Mich. – March 9, 2010 NEXTEP SYSTEMS – a leading developer of intuitive touch-screen ordering, Dynamic Digital Menu Displays™ and online ordering solutions for the foodservice industry – today announced the launch of automated ordering systems in foodservice outlets at the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, The National Training Center at Fort Irwin, California and the U.S. Patent Office in Washington, D.C..

NEXTEP develops self-service solutions for foodservice providers in a number of industries, including airports, deli operations, casinos, restaurants, government facilities, stadiums and arenas.

At West Point, NEXTEP has installed Dynamic Digital Menu Displays™ (DDMD) and self-order kiosks in the Cadet Restaurant to automate the ordering in the high-volume mess hall. The academy will soon add online ordering, provide cadets with a way to order from their rooms for later pickup.

NEXTEP SYSTEMS was enlisted by The National Training Center at Fort Irwin to implement a complete touch screen ordering kiosk and DDMD solution for the base’s multiple dining concepts.

For Sodexo’s Signature Deli at the U.S. Patent Office, NEXTEP designed and implemented a system including freestanding kiosks, thermal receipt printers and Web-based administration. The system will reduce lines and wait times during peak hours.

“Our solutions are enabling these facilities to server large number of patrons better by dramatically reducing wait times and allowing greater traffic without increasing payrolls,” said NEXTEP SYSTEMS President and co-founder Tommy Woycik. “It is expected these installations will also increase per order dollar amounts as well.”

“NEXTEP SYSTEMS has allowed us to improve our customer service and exceed output expectations,” noted West Point Cadet Restaurant Branch Manager Maria Hoagland. “It has advanced our process and enabled us to continue to provide high-quality food service to the many people we cater to each day.”

Sodexo Area General Manager Mike Mandehzadeh said his company recognized that NEXTEP is the leader in solving queuing issues at restaurants and had seen the effectiveness of NEXTEP solutions live in similar implementations. “NEXTEP’s solutions implemented at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office will move lines along more quickly, which means retaining potential walk-away customers and being able to effectively handle the lunch rush with existing staff.”

NEXTEP SYSTEMS, based in Troy, Michigan, is a leading provider of automated ordering solutions for casinos, airports, restaurants, sporting arenas, grocery stores, hotels and other high-volume venues. NEXTEP’s core business revolves around self-service kiosks, Dynamic Digital Menu Displays™ and online ordering platforms.


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