How to Satisfy 7 Different Personality Types at your Corporate Cafe


It pays to keep employees close and "on-campus" for lunch.

Let’s say the choice to eat lunch at the corporate cafe rather than the place down the street means 100 employees get back to their desks 15 minutes earlier. That mere 15 minutes per employee adds up to more than 25 hours of productivity saved for the company. 

So how do you keep them coming to your cafeteria? A diverse workforce brings with it many different personality types. And differences in personality can affect when, where, and how employees make dining decisions each day. 

Here, a few suggestions on how to appeal to 7 different personality types at your corporate cafe... 


1. The Planner

The planner relies on their calendar to feel confident and conquer the day ahead. Lunch is no excuse to be spontaneous for this type of employee. That's why mobile ordering is the planner's go-to method when it comes to ordering lunch. They can see what's on the menu for the day and create an order pick-up for a time that fits perfectly in their schedule. It's simple - the employee simply stops by the cafe and scoops up his or her ready-to-go meal. They don't have to adjust their schedule. Not even by a minute. 



2. The Food Snob

From pizza dishes that satisfy savory cravings to made-to-order salad bars that accommodate healthy diets, your cafe should have enough high quality options for employees to choose from. According to Harvard Business Review: "Excellent food not only helps recruit and retain employees, but also increases productivity by encouraging employees to stay on campus for meals and not waste time getting to and from a restaurant." And it's important to switch up the menu regularly so that your guests don't become bored with their options. Dive into myNEXTEP reports to see how different menus perform and continually refine your food strategy. 


Corporate Cafeteria aerial

3. The Social Butterfly

Some prefer to eat their lunch in peace and quiet, while others need more social interaction. The social butterfly looks forward to meeting with colleagues to chat over a bite to eat. Richard Broome, Executive VP of Corporate Affairs and Communications at Hertz, said: "While dining options are often available nearby, companies are finding quality dining in-house is important because it keeps employees communicating and collaborating all day."  Encourage collaboration by creating an open, aesthetically-pleasing dining space with comfortable seating. If outdoor dining space is an option - use it! During nice weather employees can take a step outside of the building and enjoy the weather without ever having to truly step foot off-campus. 


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4. The Super Saver

Cost effective meals are the way to go for the thrifty employee. Promote special deals of the day or week to keep employees excited about a good meal deal.  A deal that is located conveniently a few flights below you is much more enticing than having to waste gas driving.  Make promotions visible to all by using the Self-Order Kiosk splash screen to its best advantage: feature current or future specials, right while food is on their mind. In addition to using kiosks as advertising real estate, send weekly newsletters, email reminders, hang signs, etc.



5. The Picky Eater

Standard meals are not an option for this employee - they need to be in control of exactly what goes into their lunches. Restaurant experiences can be more daunting than enjoyable for guests living with serious allergies. But you can distinguish your concept by treating guest questions and concerns as opportunities rather than obstacles. Self-serve kiosks cater to employees' lifestyles by providing health and nutrition information like calorie counts and allergen information. It's simple to customize an order by tapping additions or subtractions.  At the end of the ordering experience, guests review each item they ordered along with all accompanying modifications. Once the order is to the employee's liking, they pay and let the chef get to work.



6. The Busy Bee

Many employees are constantly on-the-go dealing with emails, deadlines, and meetings that tie up large portions of the day. Lunch might very well be the last thing on a busy bee's mind. No one should go on with their day feeling fatigued and starved, even when job demands are sky high. Having a bite to eat is an important part of each employee's day, even if it's behind a computer screen. That's why being a WiFi-friendly cafe is a huge incentive for employees to stay on-campus. With free WiFi, meetings can take place over lunch in-house rather than at the local coffee shop.  



7. The Forgetful One

This employee can remember to meet deadlines, but smaller ticket items generally slip their mind. A wallet can easily be left behind in an employee's car or at their desk. Luckily, that is not an issue when there's a badge scanning or mobile payment option at the corporate cafe. Chances are this forgetful employee has a badge dangling from their hip. Why not let them pay with it? Cashless Guest Accounts like badge pay help maximize dining facilities’ throughput and sales volume. You can not only sidestep credit card transaction fees, but also decrease the average time per transaction by a significant margin. And mobile payments are just as easy and convenient. Employees pull out their smartphone phone, scan, and done. No wallet necessary. 


Looking to maximize guest satisfaction at your corporate cafeteria?

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