3 Reasons to See Us at The NRA Show 2017


1. Check out how facial recognition technology makes ordering the "usual" easier than ever. 

Our Self Order Kiosks can remember your face. The next time you want the usual, it will recognize you and pull up your previous orders in less than a second. Watch this video to get a taste and then come see the technology in action at booth 6454.


2. See the all new Touchscreen Drive-Thru DT5.

Using our 10+ years of experience along with feedback from hundreds of locations, we developed the new DT5 to make the benefits of the Touchscreen Drive Thru available to a greater variety of restaurant concepts. With a flexible footprint, refined ergonomics, and a lower total cost of ownership, the DT5 helps streamline operations for concepts with limited space and/or budgets. Come take a look!


3. Have a look at Drive-Thru OMS and see how the interface makes operation your drive-thru that much easier. 

Drive Thru mode in the Order Management System (OMS) will help your employees process Drive Thru orders more intuitively. Keeping in mind how hard you work to optimize performance across your locations, we’ve developed a feature that helps your employees monitor and improve their own service. See this innovative feature in action for yourself, at booth 6454!


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