[VIDEO] Spotlight on Malibu Poke

Sashimi-grade fish. Locally-sourced fruits, veggies, and herbs. Sauces made from scratch. There's no doubt newcomer to the Dallas restaurant scene Malibu Poke has made a splash with its fresh, high-quality ingredients.

But it's also turned heads for another reason: NEXTEP self-order with facial recognition...


As Malibu Poke owner Jon Alexis puts it: "I've never seen a guest ever have any feeling - positive or negative - about how they order their food. And watching them in a minute and twenty seconds turn around from being intimidated or threatened to it being their favorite part... Our self-serve kiosks have become a brand differentiator in a crowded field. It's helped define who we are and how serious we are about creating an excellent guest experience."



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