[VIDEO] Spotlight on Buffalo Boss


Find out how Brooklyn's Buffalo Boss doubled speed-of-service and put smiles on their customers' faces...


Jamar White and Ron Lee wanted to "bring the party back to the party wing."

So in 2010, they started Buffalo Boss, a buffalo wings concept that became known for fresh, organic wings and secret, special sauces. Since then, they've grown from their first, small 450-square foot shop to four locations: two stands in Barclays Center, one in Brooklyn, and another in Harlem, with more locations on the way.

Their goal is to serve the best wings and give people the best time. As Jamar puts it: "Buffalo Boss is about great food, a good customer experience, and bringing some fun, excitement, and swagger back to the wing space. We like to create these interesting environments, we play a lot of great music, and we serve a lot of great wings and food."

In order to deliver on that unforgettable customer experience, Jamar landed on NEXTEP self-order as the right model. After partnering with NEXTEP, Jamar has seen speed-of-service double, check averages rise 7-8%, and order accuracy max out to 100%. 

Watch the video to find out more.


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