[VIDEO] Cashierless Cafe in Action


You might have heard about going cashierless, but had a difficult time imagining how it could work for your café. Watch the video to see how one of our clients executed the concept flawlessly.

Lines are the enemy. When a potential guest sees a line, all the frustration of waiting rushes into their imagination. Just the anticipation of a line can be enough to send someone away from your café to the restaurant down the street.

Lines form because cashiers are bottlenecks. Introduce a Self Order Kiosk at each station, and watch the bottlenecks disappear. People order and pay, then step back to happily watch their food get made. The key is to get your order-taking capacity to match your production capacity, and self-order gives you the power to do it.

Watch the video above to see how one of our managed foodservice clients embraced self-order and reaped the benefits of going cashierless.

And once you’ve seen it in action, you may ask, where can I start? How can we transform our cafeteria into a cashierless operation? Here, we map out 3 cashierless strategies we’ve seen succeed among our clients…


So you want to go cashierless? 

Let us help. We'd love to talk to you about how to make the leap.