UFood Grill Never Forgets A Face Thanks to NEXTEP Self-Order Kiosks with Facial Recognition Technology

Don’t you love the feeling of walking into your regular café to be greeted by name and asked “The usual?” There’s something about personalized service that makes any customer feel special. What if you could have that same feeling after only one visit, while you place your order and pay in under 10 seconds?

That’s exactly the service you’ll get at UFood Grill in Owings Mills, Maryland. Visit their kiosk once, place your order, have your picture taken, and the next time you visit you can call up your last order and pay in less than 10 seconds.

When the healthy fast-casual restaurant opened their first stand-alone location, they wanted to offer customers more options for fast and easy ordering. So they turned to NEXTEP SYSTEMS for new ways to eliminate lines and enhance the guest experience with Self Order Kiosks and facial recognition technology.


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Find out how UFood Grill leverages NEXTEP technology to create an unforgettable guest experience.

Find out how UFood Grill uses NEXTEP POS, Self Order Kiosks with facial recognition, and an Order Management System to:

1. Help time-crunched customers order food quickly

UFood Grill knows the more time a customer waits in line to order, the less time they have to enjoy their meal. “We understand our customers only have a certain amount of time when they visit us,” said Walter Pomerleau, Vice President of Retail and Construction for UFood Grill. “NEXTEP Kiosks are an option to order food fast. They are nice looking, easy to use, and offer pictures of the food, nutritional information, and everything the guest needs to make decisions.”

2. Support the many ways customers want to interact with the restaurant

Expecting to serve 600-700 customers a day once fully open and word gets out, UFood will use NEXTEP’s solutions to support the variety of ways customers want to order – at the counter, online or at kiosks – with one cohesive, branded experience. Behind the scenes, NEXTEP’s easy-to-use POS will help UFood’s counter staff focus on customer service.

3. Differentiate the UFood brand

UFood sees their Self Order Kiosks with facial recognition technology as a unique way for customers to order food quickly, and a real differentiator for their restaurant. They also foresee that the way their brand integrates innovative technology will help sell future franchises. They are looking forward to a long partnership with NEXTEP and seeing what the company will come up with next. “NEXTEP is always looking at new and different ways for customers to interact with their software,” said Pomerleau. “They always seem to be on the cutting edge of technology.”


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