[VIDEO] How the Touchscreen Cures Drive-Thru Headaches

If you had to list the frustrations of the average drive-thru, what would you include? The guest experience certainly leaves something to be desired: awkward ordering and lost details add up to a slow process. Slower orders create longer lines, and guests who might have stopped by instead get discouraged. Not to mention, your employees have to man the drive-thru even when there are long customer lulls…

That’s where the Touchscreen Drive Thru comes in. Here are the top 3 reasons to use a Touchscreen Drive Thru:

1. Faster Ordering

Customers using past order recall can order and pay in under five seconds, and new Drive-Thru orders average three minutes or less.

2. Increased Sales

Self-ordering customers spend 15% more, and the speed of self-ordering allows a 30% increase in total sales volume.

3. Payback in 6 Months

Within 6-8 months, the Touchscreen Drive Thru System pays for itself through increased sales.

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