The Journey To Self-Order POS: Follow the Yellow Brick Road!

Self-order technology fundamentally changes the way restaurants operate. In a good way. I talk to dozens of restaurateurs every week who see the destination. Both large corporations and emerging concepts alike can see the benefits of self-order technology. It increases peak hour volume, boosts your check average, and provides numerous labor benefits.

Everyone agrees on the benefits in the abstract, but it’s the journey that reveals who truly “gets it.”

It is in many ways like the journey to see the Wizard of Oz: you need to be focused and follow the yellow brick road! There are distractions and forks in the road that may waylay you, but you can get back on the path and make it to the Emerald City.



The scarecrow said “Of course, some folks do go both ways.” But that is not a good service strategy. Either you’re on board with self-order technology or you’re not. 

When you choose to include self-order technology in your concept, it needs to become the de facto way for your customers to order. Using kiosks for overflow ordering or putting them in the corner out of the traffic flow are poor strategies. We call kiosks a disruptive technology because it is intended to change the ordering process. You can’t just give it a half-try. Pick the right path and stick to it.



About 18 years ago, the restaurant industry resisted accepting credit cards because of the initial investment and fees associated with the new technology. Adopting credit cards, though, increased check averages enough to make the investment well worth it. Now, we cannot even think of going back to a cash-only exchange. 

The same is the case with self-service technology. The financial benefits - increased check average, included - are staggering, but an upfront investment and ongoing fees are required. Those who embrace self-order kiosks find they generate additional revenue significant enough to more than justify the technology. Soon, self-service will go the way of credit cards, and we will be hard pressed to imagine living without it.



Sometimes I talk to prospects who try to create an option where there isn’t one. They tell me some variation of XYZ Company has kiosks and although they are not as good as kiosks from NEXTEP SYSTEMS they cost less and are “good enough.” 

I just shake my head. Concepts that don’t put customers first are rarely successful. In fact, truly successful restaurateurs tell me “when it comes to your guest experience, “good enough” should never be good enough!”



Prospects sometimes use the wrong criteria to make a decision. Like the image of the Wizard of Oz, they get distracted from what really matters: self-order technology. Choosing your technology solution based on interfaces with a loyalty program or a credit card processor is like deciding which new phone to buy based on what fits in your old case. 

The financial benefit to your concept with self-order technology is many, many times greater than the advantages of one loyalty program versus another or the cost differences between credit card processors. We provide our clients with a number of options, but the most important decision is the FIRST one: choosing self-order technology from NEXTEP SYSTEMS.

Just like Dorothy’s journey to Oz, a prospect who strays off the path can still make it back to the yellow brick road and find a successful self-order strategy. That’s where I come in, with self-order technology from NEXTEP SYSTEMS. A proven solution that puts the guest experience first while providing a financial and competitive advantage to your concept.


Not in Kansas Anymore?

If “good enough” isn’t good enough for your guests, then contact us for our technology solution and make your self-order dreams come true.