[VIDEO] The Gift of No Wait


The Gift of No Wait

No line, no wait at Wow Bao. Watch how one guest's experience is transformed by Self Order Kiosks in this unstaged, unscripted video



Instant gratification has become the golden standard in all things customer service. What’s more, as consumers we expect speed without sacrificing quality.

In the fast casual industry in particular, the question has become: how can you provide the personalized attention of a full-service restaurant, while maintaining the affordable prices and sleek operations of a limited-service restaurant?

The answer is: Cut down wait-times as much as possible.

Self-order technology has been shown to speed up the ordering process so much that sales increase by more than 20%. The reason is simple: quick, quality service leads to happy, loyal guests.

Walk in the shoes of an actual guest at Wow Bao as she orders, pays, and picks up her food in this unstaged, unscripted video, and see the transformative power of Self Order Kiosks for yourself.


Let Your Guests Skip the Line

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