Panera Can Do It, and So Can You: Self Order Kiosks Done Right


Fast Casual player Panera Bread reveals just how important self order is.

In his Q1 2016 Earnings Report, Panera Bread CEO Ron Shaich declared "2.0 (Self Order) Cafes continue to materially outperform traditional cafes"

We told you everyone’s doing it. Self-order kiosks, that is.

According to a recent QSR Magazine article, self-order kiosks are a “fun, efficient ordering innovation”. They also “empower customers” and serve the “one main purpose” of saving time. So much in this article is true, and further proof that you should get on board with self-order technology.

There’s much more about self-order kiosks that didn’t make the article. (Yes, we checked twice – it’s definitely missing.)

Self-order kiosks save time and put customers in complete control of their order. But, the thing that article is missing is actually what YOU’RE missing: 10 to 30% of your revenue. Your potential customer load. Or, to be blunt about it: The customers that don’t want to stand in your line! Self-order kiosks are the best way to eliminate your lines so your customers can Order Food Faster.

Hot Fast Casual concepts like Crisp Kitchen in Philly are making self-order a defining feature of the concept.

We’ve implemented over 500 brand themes with thousands of self-order kiosks that process over 80,000 orders a day. (Ok, so we’re bragging a bit).

Sure, that article says the biggest user of kiosks are Millennials, but we’ve learned that customers ranging from 8 to 80 years old love self-order. We’ve also learned that self-order kiosks are not just for fast casual restaurants: they eliminate lines everywhere from airports to casinos, restaurants, deli counters… and the list goes on. Finally, we’ve learned that when self-order kiosk technology is done right, you can fulfill all of the potential customer volume you’ve been missing.

Faster orders. More accurate orders. If this sounds good to you, let’s get you signed up for kiosks done right.


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