3 Ways to Make the Right First Impression with your Kiosks


When a guest walks through your front door and up to your counter, what's the first thing they see? Whatever it is, you'll want it to send the right message. Afterall, you only get one shot at a first impression.

The Self-Order Kiosk splash screen - that first screen guests see before they touch to order - can be an animation, a video, a series of graphics, or a static image. It's valuable real estate, and we can create custom splash screens that serve whatever purpose you define.

So how do you determine the best strategy for your splash screens? We've pulled together a few examples that show how differently and effectively you can put splash screens to work for you...

1. Kiosk splash screens that tell a part of your brand story.

Proud to be a part of the community? Or are you looking for a way to show where your restaurant concept was born? One way to tell your story - let your Self-Order Kiosk splash show off your city. Not only does it say something important about your brand, but it's also a way to connect with your guests.

Splash 1: If you're opening a new location in Philadelphia, what better way to show your commitment to joining the community than spotlighting the city itself? This Bryn + Dane's splash screen does just that.

Splash 2: This splash showcases Dallas, where the very first Which Wich store opened and their story began. Its style and animation conveys a sense of fun and energy that perfectly fits the Which Wich brand - sending positive Vibes across the country.


2. Kiosk splash screens that participate in your broader marketing campaigns.

Looking to get the word out after a rebrand? Want to promote a new menu item? Or trying to get guests to submit fan photos? Unite separate digital strategies into a single cross-platform effort. Use your kiosk splash to promote the goals you might usually reserve for social media.

Splash 3: Fresh on the heels of a rebrand, this splash reinforces SUBWAY's new style and tone. The new brand becomes an immersive experience for every, single Touchscreen Drive-Thru customer.

Splash 4: Raising awareness for #TryBurgerFi is a perfect goal for a splash screen. As guests pull up to the drive-thru, they'll not only learn about the campaign but also may be persuaded to participate thanks to the hint that they could be featured.


3. Kiosk splash screens that attract customers like magnets.

In a busy store, it can sometimes be hard to get first-time guests to see the most important things first. That's why a high-energy splash could be just the right thing for you. Along with the right kiosk placement and signage, an eye-catching splash video can help a guest know what they're supposed to do as soon as they walk in the door.

Splash 5: It's difficult not to be drawn in by this Buffalo Boss splash video, for example. With a splash like this, front of house operations will become more obvious to new customers and smoother for everyone.



Want your customers to fall in love at first sight?

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