3 Ways to Streamline Your Closing Checklist with myNEXTEP

Running restaurants is a complex operation: you juggle teams of people, vendors, kitchens full of perishable goods, and technology, all while maintaining your brand and making hungry customers happy. Our mission is to help make it all a little bit easier. 

One way we do that: myNEXTEP. It's our central platform management tool, accessible anywhere you have an internet connection. It puts real-time, actionable insights at your fingertips. Here are a few ways myNEXTEP helps make your restaurant closing checklist go a little faster each day...

1. Balance your cash drawers -- from the back office.

You might have gotten used to the idea of taking your cash drawer to the back office to count it, getting a number, then bringing it back out front to the POS to check it. But now, you can save yourself the back and forth. Take your cash to the back, count it, and true it up by checking myNEXTEP on a phone or computer.

Balancing cash drawers once a day may not be enough. At the end of each staff member's shift, have them count the drawer before clocking out. You'll easily be able to see if you're over or under and by how much.

2. See how your restaurants performed for the day -- on your phone.

A real-time snapshot of key performance indicators can help you make quick course corrections, especially when it’s easy to access and even easier to interpret. That's where myDashboard comes in. At the end of each day - or, at any point throughout the day - you can pull the dashboard up on your phone through myNEXTEP and get an understanding of each location's performance, with a glance. 

Are you a franchisee with 8 restaurants? You can configure your dashboard to show a roll-up Performance Metrics Panel for each of the 8 locations, in one view. With key stats like daily volume and average order size for each location, you’ll get a quick, macro view of operations.

Are you a general manager of 3 of those restaurants? Let’s say you’re looking to speed up operations. You can customize your dashboard to show the Average Order Time Panels and Average Fulfillment Time Panels first for each of those 3 locations, without affecting the owner’s view. If after a month your priorities shift to optimizing the upsell, you can adjust your dashboard to focus on a different set of KPIs.

3. Know where your inventory stands -- by checking your email.

It can be frustrating to constantly pull reports. Why not have them pushed to you instead? With myNEXTEP, you can set up reports to automatically be sent to your email on a regular basis. Get an order threshold report sent to you every day – it will alert you when your American cheese needs to be reordered, or when you’re running low on Sun Chips.


As Joe Betzala at Crisp Kitchen put it, when you use a legacy POS, "you would have to go through the receipts, look at your sales and expenses, then physically hand count your inventory," whereas the NEXTEP system "takes human error out of it and gives you real-time numbers so you can easily know what’s actually going on in your business."


Do you like the sound of streamlined operations?

Talk to us about how the NEXTEP solution can help make your life easier..