Self-Order Debuts at BistrOH! in OSUMC

The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center located in Columbus has been rated as one of “America’s Best Hospitals” for 22 consecutive years. Their staff boasts the majority of central Ohio’s “Best Doctor’s in America” and the facility provides care for over 1.5 million patients every year.


OSUMC recently revamped their cafeteria with self-order and a healthy new menu.

A committed leader in technology & research, OSUMC is rated “Most Wired” and home to more than 1,000 active research studies in almost every medical specialty. The medical center operates more than 20 centers and institutes dedicated to medical research, and in 2013, OSUMC surgeon Dr. Christopher Kaeding became the first ever to perform surgery while streaming live video using Google Glass.

As an ongoing effort to help improve the patient experience at Wexner Medical Center, Food and Nutrition Program management examined the cafeteria menus at the Season’s Cafe and found them lacking when it came to nutrition. When it came time to revamp the menus to cut fat, calories and salt from menu items, OSU hired more than 20 chefs to create culinary-driven healthy options. They got rid of their fryers, completely overhauled their menus and cut their selection of sugar-added beverages. OSUMC finished by rebranding the new concept as BistrOH! while upgrading the cafeteria to a more inviting interior.


BistrOH! features nine self-order kiosks to take guest's orders.

To help them deliver this new menu to their busy employees, patients and guests visiting the facility, OSUMC continued their tradition of leading the way in technology by utilizing NEXTEP Self-Order to help streamline the order and payment process. With nine self-order kiosks feeding orders to three Order Management Systems, guests can select made-to-order hot grill sandwiches, deli sandwiches and stone hearth pizzas modified to suit their taste.

The kiosk menus are simple to navigate, and information buttons list the ingredients of each item. Tapping again reveals the nutritional information on-screen so guests know exactly how many calories and nutrients they are consuming. 11 Dynamic Menu Displays™ mounted around the facility keep guests informed of daily breakfast, deli and grill specials which daypart automatically on both the menu boards as well as on the kiosk menus.


Ingredients & nutritional information are displayed by touching the information icon. 

Guests can pay with credit cards at the kiosk in seconds, or approach one of the POS terminals to pay with cash. Since their grand opening on September 26th of last year, BistrOH! has filled an average of 800 orders every day, with average transaction times clocking in at a trim 37 seconds from first touch to completion of payment.

Utilizing self-order helps university and healthcare cafeteria concepts get the most of their labor budget while improving order accuracy, positively impacting food costs. With the new menu and a new way to do dining on-campus, OSU Wexner Medical Center is joining a rapidly growing number of facilities both in education and in healthcare who are taking a fresh approach to both their food and how their guests can order it. Plans to implement online ordering are coming soon.


BistrOH! averages nearly 800 orders per day with transactions taking a mere 37 seconds. 


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