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While you’re here – checking out the pics of our easy-to-use self-order kiosks, reading about our seamlessly integrated POS and top-notch support, or just scoping out our really good looking team – we hope you’re also noticing how clean, fresh and easy to navigate our site is. (That wasn’t an accident.) It’s all designed to help you find the information you need quickly to make the decision to automate your restaurant.

We hope you’re also noticing how clean, fresh and easy to navigate our site is

On the topic of speed … our new site leads with an important message: Order Food Faster. This is our focus, our commitment and the one nagging thought in the back of our minds that drives everything we do for you. Sure, we could tell you we’re innovative (we are), we could tell you we’re integrated (also, true), but our message and focus should (and always will) align with your goals – making sure your customers get the fastest and highest quality service. While we can’t help you with the quality of your product, we CAN help you eliminate the lines that are costing you up to 30% of your potential revenue and make sure your patrons get what they came for faster (and we’ll help with order accuracy, too).

Responsively designed to make viewing our site easier on any device, anywhere

How? Our software is designed to work the way people think, which is how the solutions your business relies on should operate. They should be an integrated enterprise system. From our self-service kiosks to our POS, mobile ordering and touch screen drive thru, they are all designed to work together seamlessly (and logically) with one purpose: to Order Food Faster. So please, peruse our new site and tell us what you think.

Let us know when you’re ready to Order Food Faster.


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