NRA Show 2017 Key Trends

Tuesday marked the conclusion of our most successful NRA Show yet. Just in case you couldn’t make it, here are a few highlights and trends we noticed…


1. Self-Order + Mobile Are Now Central to Limited-Service Restaurant Strategy

As predicted, McDonald’sWendy’s, and Panera‘s investments in self order signaled a shift for the industry at large. Concepts with one to one thousand locations are looking for ways to implement self order and mobile solutions. In response, many POS providers are scrambling to put out their first generation self order kiosk.


2. User Experience Matters Now, More Than Ever

After 12 years leading in self order, we can confidently say that just “checking the self order box” won’t do the trick. In making a sizable technology investment, QSR and fast casual brands are looking to flesh out a digital strategy that puts a stand-out user experience first. Guests will come to expect self order and mobile experiences that are smooth, seamless extensions of their favorite brands.


3. Drive-Thru Only Concepts to Get the Spotlight

We spoke to several concepts focusing on the power of the drive thru. No seating means the whole footprint of the QSR can adapt: with the same space, one drive thru lane can become two, three or even four.  Thorough mobile integration will prove critical to maximizing efficiency. With our 5th Generation Touchscreen Drive Thru, for example, guests can scan their phone or type in a PIN at the drive thru and then quickly drive to the window to retrieve their order. Soon, we’ll see just how quick quick-serves can really be.


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