NEXTEP SYSTEMS Rolls Out New Drive-Thru Order Management System

NEXTEP SYSTEMS is pleased to announce a Drive-Thru mode in the Order Management System (OMS) that will help your employees process Drive-Thru orders more intuitively. Keeping in mind how hard you work to optimize performance across your locations, we’ve developed a feature that helps your employees monitor and improve their own service.

The new Drive-Thru OMS provides an easily understandable visualization of Drive-Thru performance. With a quick glimpse at the screen, your employees and store manager will see how they’re performing against service-time goals you’ve set for them. It displays cars in the Drive-Thru queue, the average time of an open order, and the on-time percentage. You can also export these Drive Thru reports to track improvement over time.


New graphics let you see open Drive-Thru orders quickly and easily.

With just a glance, understand how service-time for each Drive-Thru order compares to your goals. All green? You’re good to go. You’re meeting or exceeding service-time goals. Turning yellow? You’ll want to pick up the pace. Red? Do better with the next.

Always know how many cars are in your queue, as seen in the bottom left corner. The histogram in the bottom right gives a view into how your service-time is trending. And the average time and on-time percentage in the middle give you a holistic view of your performance.

In the case that an employee would like to see who’s ordering, they can activate the new Drive-Thru video feed. Whether for security or for order verification, the simple feature lets you see who is at the Touchscreen.


The new feature lets you know exactly what is happening at the Drive-Thru.

In Summary

With intuitive signals and a clean interface, the Drive-Thru OMS integration empowers employees to see how they’re performing. As we can all attest, knowing how you’re performing is the first step toward improvement.

Want a refresher on the benefits of Drive-Thru? Check out this video.


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