New Cashless Payment Solution Lowers Costs and Maximizes Guest Throughput at Managed Foodservice Facilities

NEXTEP SYSTEMS is proud to announce a new cashless payment solution for managed foodservice facilities. Corporate dining facilities, educational dining halls, hospital cafeterias, retirement dining rooms, and many other facilities can offer their guests the option to create Guest Accounts and pay for their meals quickly and easily. Cashless payments – like badge pay or payroll deduct – lead to lower costs, shorter lines, and greater sales volume.

Cashless payments help maximize dining facilities’ throughput and sales volume. Going cashless not only sidesteps credit card transaction fees, but also decreases the average time per transaction by a significant margin. Transactions using cash or chip cards typically take 10-12 seconds longer than a cashless solution like badge pay, for example. Eliminating that 12-second lag saves 20 minutes every 100 guests. With a cashless payment solution, that bonus time can be redirected from pointless wait-time to serving more guests.

Cashless payments - like badge pay or payroll deduct - lead to lower costs, shorter lines, and greater sales volume.

For easy, repeat visits, guests now have multiple options for paying without cash or a credit card. With an inclining balance account, for example, guests may accrue costs to their accounts until it is deducted from payroll each period. With a declining balance account, guests may apply funds to an account and charge meals until the balance reaches zero. Guests even have the option to split a single transaction between each payment method, if they so choose.

To manage cashless payments, guests can log into the customer portal to check their balance, add funds with credit or PayPal, and see their previous orders.

This cashless payment solution also offers a host of other opportunities to managed foodservice facilities. Offering a meal allowance or discount as a company perk? NEXTEP can set and reset those values or coupons in Guest Accounts each day to make sure your team takes full advantage of it.


Going Cashless?

If you are interested in how a cashless payment solution could streamline your dining facility, please contact us.