NEXTEP SYSTEMS Announces New Patent for Point of Sale

Troy, Michigan, May 6th, 2015 – NEXTEP SYSTEMS, the Foodservice Technology Company™, today announced the Issue Notification of Patent No. 8990734, “Method and assembly for displaying menu options.” The material patented encompasses NEXTEP’s path-based “wizard” approach to Point of Sale menu flow and display that puts only the options a user needs on the screen. The result is a streamlined ordering process and simplified menu flow that requires little to no training for restaurant employees.

“We developed our point of sale with an order flow similar to our kiosks,” said Tommy Woycik, President of NEXTEP SYSTEMS. “The path shown to the employee on the point of sale is similar to the way the menu is presented to guests using NEXTEP kiosks. The menu gives the options that the user needs instead of cluttering the screen with inapplicable options, something which many current POS systems struggle with from a user interface standpoint.” NEXTEP provides self-order solutions as well as point of sale and other foodservice technology solutions, all part of an integrated suite designed to mitigate or eliminate implementation hurdles.

In many restaurant POS systems, the UI doesn’t reflect how the customer orders. Ordering screens feature unnecessary information, and the required modifications are often only available through separate set menu pages. These pages may have a multitude of options that don’t even apply to the item being entered, but still need to be visually sorted before an accurate selection can be made, sometimes a difficult task under pressure. This can contribute to slow order times and poor order accuracy, affecting both throughput and customer satisfaction.

The NEXTEP point of sale interface solves this problem by bringing only applicable options to the forefront. Conversational ordering is a key component, presenting menus and paths that makes sense according to how most customers naturally order their meals. The menu flows beneath user’s fingertips as the next logical and necessary screens are brought forward. Modifications are made easy with simple controls to add more, less or none of a topping, another patented feature.

“Our point of sale is definitely unique and effective in its approach,” Woycik continues. “When we have a point of sale that anyone can walk up to and order effectively in one or two tries, we know we’ve done something right. Fortunately, the US Patent Office agrees.”


NEXTEP SYSTEMS, based in Troy, Michigan, provides enterprise scale-able foodservice technology solutions for restaurants, corporate foodservice, airports, healthcare, education and other high-volume operations. From cloud based point of sale with integrated remote ordering to self order solutions indoors and out, NEXTEP provides and supports the complete integrated foodservice platform.


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