NEXTEP Kiosks Expedite Nino Salvaggio’s Deli Service

Advertising and coupons build traffic in stores, but they may be counter-productive to an operation’s bottom line if customers “cherry pick” mostly sale items. Instead of cutting margins, Deli 1-2-3™ self-order kiosks improve customer service and increase order size through consistent upselling. Because the system can text a customer when their order is ready, the are more likely to browse and buy. Recently the Detroit Free Press wrote about the success at Nino Salvaggio’s, one of NEXTEP SYSTEMS Premier Partners.

The Free Press wrote:

“In 2008, Nino Salvaggio stores looked for ways to minimize customer wait times at their busy deli counters. The solution was Deli 1-2-3™, a kiosk where customers can input their orders for fresh sliced deli meat and cheese.

When the kiosks were installed at Nino Salvaggio’s Troy store, they were such a hit that within a week the company decided to order the system for other stores, says Fred Rayle, director of operations.

The kiosks allow customers order sliced meats and cheeses without having to wait in line at the deli counter. From a touch-screen, customers order by brand, select how much they want and how they want it sliced. After ordering, customers can go about their other shopping and pick up the order from the deli after it’s ready. They can also elect to receive a text messag telling them when the order is ready.

For stores and customers, it’s a win-win.

“It was a way to expedite deli service,” Rayle says. “We couldn’t ad more slicers.”

Chrissy Pierce, 42, of Bloomfield Hills loves Deli 1-2-3™ because the free service is so convenient. “It’s really, really easy,” Pierce says.

“It saves me time and therefore saves me money.”

Pierce uses the kiosks on a regular basis and says her kids, Abbey, 11, and Lizzie, 9, love it, too. The kids, Pierce says, are often the ones touch-screening the selections.

“My order has always been perfect,” she says.”


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