New in mynextep: The Redesigned myDashboard

We are excited to announce that we have redesigned the customer dashboard to make it a customizable, versatile tool for daily restaurant and food service facility management.

When we designed the new myDashboard, we kept in mind that the daily operational stats that matter most to you will be different depending on your business, your role, and your goals. What’s more, KPIs may shift as your business grows and evolves.


New to myDashboard



1) lets you choose and change which KPIs it will display; and 2) is accessible on your computer, your tablet, and your phone.

The redesigned myDashboard checks both boxes.

Each customer may customize their view to meet their pertinent business needs, and myDashboard is completely mobile responsive, meaning you can access it anywhere, on any device.


Customize with Adjustable Panels

The new myDashboard has 9 data panels for each location that you can choose from and arrange as you see fit. You can add, remove, enlarge, move and display these panels to focus on the stats that matter most to you (right: a sample view).

  1. Total Sales
  2. Labor as a Percentage of Sales
  3. Average Fulfillment Time
  4. Average Order Time
  5. Order Count
  6. Drive Thru Average Queue Time (if you have a drive thru)
  7. Control Panel (the status of each of your NEXTEP devices)
  8. Performance Metrics (a roll-up of a location’s performance stats)
  9. Upsell Performance (the number of successful upsells as a percentage and in dollars)

Use Cases

Are you a franchisee with 8 restaurants? You can design your dashboard to show a roll-up Performance Metrics Panel for each of the 8, in one view. With key stats like daily volume and average order size for each location, you’ll get a quick, macro view of operations.

Are you a general manager of 3 of those restaurants? Let’s say you’re looking to speed up operations. You can customize your dashboard to show the Average Order Time Panels and Average Fulfillment Time Panels first for each of those 3 locations, without affecting the owner’s view. If after a month your priorities shift to optimizing the upsell, you can adjust your dashboard to focus on a different set of KPIs.

By allowing you to choose which critical daily operational stats are displayed, myDashboard will help you know exactly how your business location(s) are performing with just a glance. As your business grows and your KPIs change, your dashboard can evolve with you.


Check out the new myDashboard

The new myDashboard is currently in beta. To access it, log in to mynextep and choose "myDashboard (beta)” in the dropdown navigation. Once you’ve played around with the tool, we would love to hear what you think. Do you have suggestions for other metrics or panels you would find useful? Please contact Customer Support with any feedback you might have.