Multi-Concept FoodParc Launches With NEXTEP SYSTEMS

FoodParc, the 20,000-square-foot multi-concept eatery envisioned by restauranteur Jeffrey Chodorow and futurist Syd Mead, opened September 22 in Kimpton’s Hotel Eventi in New York. FoodParc is the first multi-concept operation to utilize the efficiencies of NEXTEP SYSTEMS’ MyNEXTEP™ software that powers the touch-screen kiosks, Dynamic Digital Menu Displays® (DDMD), and Order Management Systems shared by four operators.

FoodParc guests have the choice of placing their orders directly with a cashier at any of the food concepts or may make selections and payment for one concept – or multiple concepts – via 16 integrated touchscreen kiosks. Order statuses are tracked on multiple digital display panels, and guests have the option of receiving a text message on their mobile phone, alerting them when their food is ready.

MyNEXTEP™ compiles the orders from the kiosks and cashiers, dispatches them to the appropriate concept kitchen for fulfillment, and provides queue management via a NEXTEP Order Management System at each concept’s kitchen.

NEXTEP SYSTEMS’ complete self-order suite proved to be the best solution for the futuristic concept conceived by Chodorow and Mead. The efficiencies of the NEXTEP system allow the restaurant concepts to move high numbers of guest at less cost, allowing greater focus on fulfillment and customer service.

The ordering and display process is made possible with MyNEXTEP™, NEXTEP SYSTEMS’ enterprise software suite, that allows management of content for self order kiosks, Dynamic Digital Menu Displays, and online ordering from any computer or iPhone.

FoodParc is a collection of five gourmet food and beverage purveyors, including The Press, a coffee shop with to-go French press cups; RedFarm Stand, featuring Asian cuisine from Chef Joe Ng and food celebrity Ed Schoenfeld; Fornetti, with Tuscan offerings on oven-baked flatbread; 3Bs (Bacon, Burgers and Beer), serving custom burgers from Pat LaFrieda Meats, artisanal bacons, and 16 domestic and international beers, and The Bar at FoodParc, a full-service bar.

Syd Mead, the renowned futurist best known for his work on iconic science fiction films including “Blade Runner,” “Aliens,” and “TRON,” conceived FoodParc’s modern aesthetics as his first architectural design project. Philip Koether Architects executed the actual build.

Jeffery Chodorow owns China Grill Management, which operates several restaurants throughout North America and Europe.

NEXTEP is the nation’s only turnkey self-order solution provider. “We guarantee our software will run on the industrial-grade hardware we provide,” said Tommy Woycik, president of NEXTEP. “With all the components that have to seamlessly work together, we’ve learned that it’s better for our clients if we stand responsible for the system’s components.” NEXTEP also provides marketing and design expertise, as well as financing options.

FoodParc is located at 845 6th Avenue, between West 29th and West 30th Streets, in Hotel Eventi.

Sara Gore, impressed with being able to order from multiple concepts from a single kiosk: “Perfect for me. I like variety, and I can’t make a decision. Basically I want a little bit of everything, from every place.”

– NBC-NY Channel 4

“All this gadgetry sounds ripe for disaster. But in our experience, even at prime lunch hour, it’s easy to find a screen and key in your order, swipe your card to pay the bill—and, yes, get a text the moment it’s ready.”

– Serious Eats NY

“Designed by the Aliens/Blade Runner/Tron set designer, FP’s a futuristic “food court” boasting touchscreen ordering kiosks linked to four distinct stands.”

– Thrillist (video)

Instead of ordering at each eatery, FoodParc offers diners the option to make selections at any of the stands using 16 touch-screen kiosks in the modernly designed space.
– Nation’s Restaurant News
“In addition to the food, we were fans of the cool high-tech ordering screens, and the option to get a text message when your food is ready.”
“Customers…can go to any of a dozen touchscreen stations that let you order from any of the stations. This defuses the lines that might otherwise accumulate at any given stand and makes it a lot easier to get through the ordering process quickly.
– Midtown Lunch
“You can order from all four restaurants in one place, all at once (Fornetti, RedFarm Stand, The Press, and 3B’s). Additionally you can order directly from each restaurant.”
“There’s no denying that FoodParc is a sleek, smooth operation. Even in its infancy, ordering from the computer kiosks was simple and quick while the orders came out in rapid succession.”
– Foodie Call
“If the Starship Enterprise had a VIP food court, it might look something like this: you place your order at a computer terminal, get a text message when your food is ready…”
– Urban Daddy


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