Moxie’s Goes Live with NEXTEP SYSTEMS Self Order Kiosks, POS, and Order Management System

Along with breakfast, tacos, and infinitely photogenic ice cream sandwiches, newly-opened eatery Moxie’s brings a complete self-service experience to the Washington, DC food scene. Their NEXTEP Self Order Kiosks integrate seamlessly with their POS and order management system, freeing up staff to focus on providing a great product and a memorable guest experience.

“With NEXTEP technology, we can focus more on making the food great and less on having someone at the front cash register,” said Moxie’s Owner Marcus Barnett. “The cashier can now expedite and clean rather than being tied to one place. I have also been short staffed at times, and it’s not as big of a deal to me because I’m not reliant on having a front register person.”

With NEXTEP technology, we can focus more on making the food great and less on having someone at the front cash register.

In addition to smoothing operations, the touchscreen Self Order Kiosks give guests the power to easily customize their meals: “With an eclectic, customizable menu and a commitment to creating a fast and friendly guest experience, Moxie’s made a natural home for Self Order Kiosks,” said NEXTEP’s President, Tommy Woycik. “With touchscreen self-service technology in place, their bold food gets the spotlight it deserves, and ordering is fast, easy, and accurate.”

The Moxie’s configuration includes three Self Order Kiosks, POS, and Order Management System.

About Moxie’s

What does Moxie mean? A willingness to take surprisingly bold risks. That is what our menu represents. Bold flavors, risks. From custom warm ice cream sandwiches to a healthy southwest chicken salad, you can enjoy dining in a relaxed, casual environment that satisfies your naughty and nice cravings. Join us for breakfast, lunch, coffee or dessert.


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