Mollie & Ollie takes NEXTEP Touchscreen Self Order and POS live

Mollie & Ollie, a fast casual eatery focused on fast, fresh and customized meals, has implemented NEXTEP SYSTEMS’ Self Order Touchscreens and Point of Sale in their downtown Salt Lake City store. The NEXTEP SYSTEMS Foundation7™ platform – an integrated, cloud-based solution – increases efficiencies from customer experience through back of house operations. With NEXTEP technology now in place, customers can order at Mollie & Ollie’s Touchscreen Self Order kiosks quickly and intuitively with plenty of time left to enjoy their fresh, local and from-scratch meals.

“Built on a foundation of totally customizable meals, the Mollie & Ollie concept pairs perfectly with Touchscreen Self Order,” said NEXTEP’s President, Tommy Woycik. “Their clean, modern aesthetic and emphasis on efficiency made the implementation of our platform seamless.”

“The technology from NEXTEP SYSTEMS has allowed us to deliver customized food to our customers in an impressively streamlined manner,” says Mollie & Ollie Owner, Neil Zussman. “The touchscreen ordering system is truly the foundation of our brand, and our relationship with NEXTEP has made it possible.”

The integration includes Touchscreen Self Order Kiosks – shown to increase customer spend by 15% on average – and the Point of Sale System – software so easy to use, no training is required.

The technology from NEXTEP SYSTEMS has allowed us to deliver customized food to our customers in an impressively streamlined manner.





NEXTEP SYSTEMS is the leader in Touchscreen Self Ordering with integrated Point of Sale, Dynamic Menu Displays, and Mobile Ordering. NEXTEP has an entire enterprise suite of foodservice technology to fit your organization’s needs. If you want to grow your business and outperform your most ambitious expectations, contact us at 866.654.8730 and learn how we can help your customers Order Food Faster.

About Mollie & Ollie:

Filling a much-needed niche for downtown diners, Mollie & Ollie showcases a colorful menu focused on natural, locally sourced, and humane ingredients. M&O is a flavor-rich, source-aware approach to fast and casual dining, situated at 159 S. Main Street. The restaurant is perfectly positioned for diners who are busy with work, shopping, and downtown errands.

To make sure every diner leaves full and happy, Mollie & Ollie incorporates a unique touchscreen ordering system to give patrons the option to fully customize their meal. Diners can tweak their order exactly to their liking by selecting options or making substitutions on a large, user-friendly screen.


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