Maryland Retirement Community Edenwald Offers a Variety of Fast, Frictionless Dining Experiences

Is it possible to find an enterprise-scalable point of sale solution that appeals to both retirement home residents AND the younger, tech-savvy family members who visit them?

That’s what Edenwald, a Maryland continuing care retirement community, set out to discover when it came time to update their dining facilities for residents and their visitors.  Edenwald needed a technology partner that would help enhance their residents’ dining experiences and that would grow with the community’s needs for the next 15 years.  

So, when it came time to select a new point of sale solution to manage four dining facilities and even their beauty salon, they turned to NEXTEP SYSTEMS.

Scroll down to read the full case study and find out how Edenwald uses the NEXTEP solution to:


1. Process Transactions Faster

NEXTEP solutions help Edenwald’s The Valley Room and The Grille dining rooms, The Pub & Bistro, and The Café process between 500 - 1,000 transactions a day. According to Ken Bullock, Vice President of Finance, with the help of NEXTEP solutions things are running smooth: “Our transactions process much faster. We’ve had everything up and running for over a month and we haven’t heard any complaints.”


2. Improve Service

Edenwald needed to be able to provide high-quality service to all residents from older generations more comfortable with face-to-face interactions to younger tech-friendly generations and families. NEXTEP’s easy-to-use menus and kiosks with larger font are perfect for the mix of employees and residents in the community. They’re even using NEXTEP solutions in the beauty salons to display the services they offer.


3. Seamlessly implement and manage multiple dining facilities

Implementation and training with NEXTEP was easy. Edenwald believes NEXTEP’s creativity and solution flexibility were key to helping them meet their renovation goals. “We wanted to provide a modern café experience for residents,” said Bullock. “With NEXTEP and our architects we’ve been able to do that. NEXTEP felt like our partners throughout this process, and they were there to help us make this work. I just hope NEXTEP keeps creating more and more applications for us in the future.”


Read the Edenwald Case Study

Learn more about how NEXTEP transformed Edenwald's dining facilities.