Lunch Reimagined, Part Two

From the Desk of NEXTEP Solutions Consultant Bob Padget


Last time we heard the customer’s point of view about going cashierless in the café.  Now we’ll flip the script and hear from the staff at the new cashierless café.  We know the guest reaction has been positive but what about the operations people?   

It seems like they are fans as well…

brand ambassador 2.jpg

Kiosks let humans be human.

Going cashierless through the eyes of a cashier...


Kelly was worried when she heard about the new cashierless system coming to the café.  After all she was one of the cashiers.  She loved her customers, loved talking to them, catching up on what’s new. In many ways they were her family, and she didn’t want to lose her job or her friends. 

But it turned out to be a good thing for Kelly when the café went cashierless.  Her new job is called "ambassador" but really it’s just “Kelly being Kelly”.  Yes, she keeps things organized and clean in the dining room and at the beverage station, even though they still spill the coffee.  Now, though, as an ambassador, she gets to greet all her regulars without the hassle of ringing up their orders and trying to move the line fast all the time.  Besides, her customers tell her they love the new system and Kelly gets to make everyone feel welcome.


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Master of the grill.

Going cashierless through the eyes of a cook...


Steve has run the grill station at the café for quite a few years - more than he might like to admit.  Most days, he used to have to take the orders and cook the burgers and sandwiches by himself.  It kept him hopping. Even if there was somebody to help out by taking orders on the busy days, it didn’t make things that much easier.  Every time there was a mistake in the order, things got backed up. And there were a lot of errors in the orders. 

Now Steve can concentrate on his famous patty melt special, all because of the new kiosks from NEXTEP SYSTEMS.  Because the ordering takes place at the kiosks, Steve can devote his time to cooking. The burgers get cooked just right, and things seem to come out faster because new orders get started right away.  Plus, the orders are always right, and there are no more remakes slowing down the line.  His favorite thing though is that Order Status Monitor that tells the guest when their Reuben is ready so Steve doesn’t have to yell out the pickup orders anymore.  The guests mentioned he’s been smiling more these days... it’s no wonder.


Corporate Cafe General Manager.JPG

Training made easy.

Going cashierless through the eyes of a manager...


Leigh was looking forward to the new café system from NEXTEP SYSTEMS right from the start.  She already expected increased throughput, higher sales, and better labor controls, but there were a few pleasant surprises once they went cashierless. 

One was the ease of changing the daily specials.  This had been stressing Leigh out leading up to the changeover, but she quickly found out it was as easy as clicking a button to turn specials on or off.  One day she had to do it from her phone on her day off when the shift manager got stuck in traffic.  Tap, tap, tap, and she was done. 

But the best thing was also a surprise to her, and that was training new staff members.  Before kiosks, new employees needed several days of register practice plus constant supervision during the first few days on the register.  And they really weren’t up to speed for a few weeks.  With turnover as high as it is these days, reducing training cost is a real plus to the bottom line and her bonus.  Now Leigh just has to have them follow Kelly for a day or two and they can pitch right in to help.  Afterall, it takes no training to be nice.  Leigh's already thinking about taking the kids to Disney with the bigger bonus she is earning.

A cashierless café provides a great service experience for your guests and staff while reducing time spent waiting in lines.  By using technology to manage ordering and payments, service staff can focus on preparing the food quickly and correctly, plus have time for meaningful interactions that go beyond, “Next” or “What do you want to order?”  Many companies have found that kiosks let humans be more human, and better, more personal service is the result.

We are experts at creating self-order solutions that work.  Many of the top companies in America already feature our technology in their dining programs.  Our Foundation 8™ product suite includes all the options you need from a single vendor.  We support all types of payment including encrypted and EMV payments as well as digital wallets and badge pay options. 

Are your employees still waiting in line? 

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