[VIDEO] Intelligent Upsell, Explained

“Would you like to add chips and a drink?”

“How about a cookie to go with that?”

“Add a pastry for $0.99?”

These short phrases asked at the end of every order serve an incredibly important role in fast casual and quick service operations: a successful upsell can make the difference between profit and breakeven. But often times, an overwhelmed cashier, a growing line, or even a passive tone of voice makes the upsell question fall flat.

This gap in upsell effectiveness presents a valuable opportunity to restaurant owners and operators. Optimizing the upsell will maximize profit.

That’s where Intelligent Upsell™ comes in. As compared to cashier-driven suggestive upsell, Intelligent Upsell™ increases check averages by 15-20%. Why? Here are the top 3 reasons Intelligent Upsell™ works:

1. It's consistent.

A typical NEXTEP upsell prompt includes a simple question like “Would you like anything else?” with the 6 to 8 most popular, or highest margin, items on that screen. Every entrée on the menu leads to the ideal upsell based upon past performance. This happens every time for every guest, no exception.

2. It's fast.

Cashiers cannot ask, “Would you like double meat, double cheese, bacon, peppers, chips, a smoothie, or a cookie?” effectively. But, one intuitive screen of add-ons CAN be presented to each guest on the touchscreen. Self-ordering is the fastest order method, even with a significant focus on suggestive upsell.

3. It's visual.

Guests are guided through the ordering process step by step in a simple graphical format. Appetizing images are used over text as guests make selections. People eat with their eyes, and guests very quickly find the selections that “looks good” at that very moment.

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