New to NEXTEP: Announcing Foundation8™

We’re excited to announce the release of Foundation8™, the cloud-based platform upon which our Self Order POS solution is built. In order to keep up with growing customer demand, we added support for Windows 10 IoT and migrated our solution to the Microsoft Azure Cloud. The update ensures future reliability and performance, adding a near limitless capacity for growth.


As many of you might have noticed, we have been growing quickly! Every year, we bring on new customers, and existing customers have more systems installed. In order to keep up with growing demand, we decided to move our data center to the Microsoft Azure Cloud Platform. With Azure’s worldwide network of Microsoft-managed data centers, our solution is nearly infinitely scalable.


With Foundation8™ living in the Azure Cloud, our solution will continue to be highly reliable. The Azure Cloud is the highest quality platform available, promising one of the industry’s highest uptimes.

Thanks to our proprietary update methodology, our customers run on the newest software version. You don’t have to wait for updates – we keep customers current so that they always and immediately benefit from the latest software fixes and enhancements.


With Foundation8™, you can expect mynextep—your back-office management tool—to perform better. You’ll notice myDashboard and myReports, in particular, running faster. In fact, we have set up a system that automatically identifies and alerts us to areas in need of finetuning, and we have dedicated a team to continuous performance improvement.


This latest release allows our solution to run on Windows 10 IoT, promising future supportability, refreshed architecture, and higher security. Foundation8™ received PA-DSS certification from the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council (PCI SSC) earlier this month.


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