Fairmont State University Dining Sees 10% Increase in Check Averages with Self Order Kiosks

When Aladdin Food Management at Fairmont State University implemented NEXTEP Self Order Kiosks, they hoped to see an increase in check totals. They never expected to see an increase in customers, too. But, that’s exactly what happened – the new technology and the flexibility to customize orders like never before brought students flooding in to get fresh food made their way.

Along with a complete renovation, the University Dining Hall also transitioned from a pre-made grab-and-go system to made-to-order service. Dining services were focused on delivering excellent customer service and serving fresh food quickly. To pull off this new approach, Fairmont State University, in partnership with Aladdin Food, turned to NEXTEP to speed up operations, improve the guest experience, and boost revenue.

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Find out how Fairmont State Dining leverages NEXTEP technology to boost check averages by 10%.

Find out how Fairmont State University Dining Services uses NEXTEP Self Order Kiosks, Order Management System, Order Status Monitor, and Dynamic Menu Displays to:

1. Eliminate lines and help customers order food quickly
Serving about 600 customers during a typical two-hour lunch rush, dining services didn’t want to see their students waiting in long lines. NEXTEP Self Order Kiosks have eliminated that concern. Now customers walk up to the kiosk to place their order and pay and then go about their business waiting for their fresh-made food.

2. Empower students with flexibility to order and pay their way
University Dining also wanted to make sure they could support the ways their customers actually prefer to place their orders. Students love being able to order exactly what they want. Tapping through an easy menu flow full of bright photos, they can build the ultimate, customized lunch. NEXTEP also seamlessly integrated with the Heartland OneCard system, allowing students to pay for their meals quickly and easily using the student IDs they already use at retail locations across campus.

3. Increase check averages by 10% and customer traffic by 5%
Dining services staff is shocked by how much the new system has changed student buying habits. Since implementing NEXTEP solutions, University Dining has seen a 10% increase in check averages. And, the new kiosks have drawn in a 5% increase in customer traffic.

“It’s a remarkable system, and the customer gets exactly what they want,” said Aladdin Food District Manager Joe DeSalvo. “The kiosk puts everything in front of the customer and helps them make better decisions. In the past, everything was spread out. Now, the kiosk brings all of the options together with a suggestive flow that works.”


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