Deli 1-2-3® Now Lives in the Cloud

Troy, Michigan, February 8, 2013 – NEXTEP SYSTEMS recently completed migration of all existing Deli 1-2-3® databases to the cloud. Current Deli 1-2-3® partners and all future installations will now enjoy the benefits of a cloud based solution:

• Cloud based configuration & reporting
• Enterprise scalability
• Automatic updating
• Remote management from computer or smartphone
• Reduced dependence on in-store hardware

NEXTEP has been dedicated to the Deli 1-2-3® solution for over five years, which started from the idea that customers should be able to, “order the whole deli with the touch of a finger.” Deli 1-2-3® solutions have consistently delivered results for savvy grocers, with typical sales increases of 10% or more through the touchscreen kiosks over traditional counter sales. Deli 1-2-3® also captures lost sales during peak hours when long lines deter some shoppers from ordering at the deli counter.

Cloud CircuitSince the first Deli 1-2-3® installation in 2007, NEXTEP has continued to develop the solution and now offers online and mobile ordering options for grocers who want to capture even more sales from consumers on the go. NEXTEP also provides employee facing solutions with improved configuration and management support tools featuring 21st century architecture to ensure dependability and ease of implementation & management.

NEXTEP SYSTEMS, based in Troy, Michigan, is the leading provider of foodservice technology for restaurants, airports, casinos, convenience stores, grocery stores, educational facilities, and sporting venues. Founded in 2005, NEXTEP is the industry’s only turnkey provider of integrated solutions including Point of Sale, Self Order Kiosks, Online Ordering, Dynamic Digital Menu Displays™, World’s Fastest Drive Thru™, smartphone ordering, iPad touch screen kiosks, and iPod employee ordering.


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