Country Living Retirement Community Gets a Big City Concept

Exposed brick, soft hardwoods and bright copper merge tastefully with modern shapes, gracefully illuminated by an assortment of tactfully stationed apertures. Mason jars encase colorful preserved fruits and vegetables providing splashes of natural color beneath granite counters overlooking the open kitchen. The jars are displayed again at precise intervals on slatted shelves dividing the sprawling dining area that hearken back to corn-cribs and rustic barns. Seating includes large booths and long tables that promote relaxing conversation, and a crescent-moon bar is warmed by the glow of a copper sheathed pizza oven. It’s a successful convergence of modern aesthetic applied through old-world textures and materials, much like the restaurant itself, a modern rustic concept appropriately dubbed “The Harvest Table.”


Windows-based tablets provide versatile hardware for a variety of applications.

The Harvest Table is the newest addition to dining at Garden Spot Village, a retirement community located on 104 acres in the borough of New Holland, Pennsylvania. Providing residential and healthcare services for residents, Garden Spot Village boasts an abundance of indoor & outdoor parks, exercise facilities and activity centers designed to promote interaction and a healthy lifestyle. Residents can enjoy their retirement with anything they might need only a short stroll away from the community’s townhouses, apartments and villas, with amenities that include on-campus healthcare, a technology lab and banking. They even have a hair salon.


The newest concept at Garden Spot Village retirement community, The Harvest Table. 

To complement the robust variety of social and recreational offerings set upon the Thomas Cole-esque Pennsylvania backdrop, Garden Spot Village offers dining concepts that tip their hat to rustic cuisine with The Harvest Table manifesting itself as SCOPOS Hospitality Group’s modern, Fast Casual intepretation of the theme. SCOPOS was selected by Garden Spot Village to create and implement the new concept, from menus down to the last detail in the stunning interior. Enlisting the help of one of Pennsylvania’s shining stars, SCOPOS chose Executive Chef Michael Pezzillo to design the new concept’s menus. Taking a farm-to-table approach that has been trending in every sector of the restaurant industry over the past few years, Chef Pezzillo focuses on sourcing locally and sustainably, with menus that reflect seasonal and regional offerings from local farmers.

The Harvest Table continues to showcase their chic approach by implementing the latest in restaurant technology. Self-order kiosks control most of the order flow for the restaurant, providing residents with access to offerings from the six culinary stations that deliver cuisine ranging from pasta bowls and soups to handcrafted gourmet sandwiches, artisan pizzas and chef’s table specials like asparagus chicken roulade. Appropriately placed and beautifully designed digital menu boards showcase each station’s specialty, inviting diners to investigate the serpentine layout of the open kitchen. Half of the kiosks are spread throughout the granite counters overlooking the prep stations, inviting guests to converse with the chefs preparing their food while they order. Three more are placed at the dining room entrance to greet diners as they enter, and two POS stations are available for those who prefer not to use the kiosks.


Three self-order kiosks welcome residents into the farm-chic interior.

All of the components are 100% integrated, an important feature for a concept that runs daily specials. Changing or updating an item via the web-based management tools not only changes the item on the two POS terminals, it also updates the six self-order kiosks, two tablets and five menu boards as well, all at once. If an items runs out, for example, management can simply toggle a “switch” online just once and the item is automatically removed from all of the menus on every different piece of equipment without having to repeat the process numerous times.

For a leisurely meal in the comfort of their own homes, The Harvest Table offers delivery service for residents as well. Residents can order from any of the concept’s stations by phone and have their meals brought to them by staff armed with portable Point of Sale tablets that take advantage of the expansive Wi-Fi network blanketing Garden Spot Village’s campus. The tablets can also be placed in docking stations in the store to function as a traditional POS, self-order kiosk or Order Management System, allowing The Harvest Table a great deal of flexibility with their hardware.

Though the setting for The Harvest Table and Garden Spot Village may look more at home in a Hoard’s Dairyman than on the cover of Wired, SCOPOS has delivered a concept that would be just as relevant (and easily just as successful) as the top Fast Casual concepts on main street in any given metropolis. With the already stellar recreational and culinary offerings at Garden Spot Village, The Harvest Table is a welcome addition that would appeal to any Food Network aficionado, retired or not. If they can deliver that asparagus chicken roulade to the bocce ball court, you might find me there soon.

EDIT 02APR15: Original credit was incorrectly given to Sodexo for designing and implementing the new concept. SCOPOS created the restaurant concept & designed the interior of The Harvest Table. Sodexo only manages daily foodservice operations.


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