5 Strategies to Put Your Corporate Cafe in the Fast Lane

From the Desk of NEXTEP Solutions Consultant Bob Padget

How do we speed up checkout times in our corporate café? This is the #1 question I get asked and there are some strategies that I like to share: 

1. Encourage alternate payment options. Inclining or declining balance accounts tied to employee badges are one example.  These transactions are typically faster, more secure, and easier to automate.  As a bonus, they can reduce your credit card transaction fees as well.

2. Take advantage of POS quick pay keys if available.  Having preset payment options on the main screen can eliminate the need to go to a payment screen for the most common tender types - saving valuable seconds.

3. Invest in reliable internet service.  Upload speed is less important than reliability, but internet connectivity is employed for payment processing and more.  Most systems have offline capabilities, but they are often slower than online transactions


4. Eliminate cash payments.  Cash is the slowest form of payment and presents security risks as well.  Moving to all digital payments will speed up the line and streamline your end of day procedures as well.

5. Scan items when possible.  Scanning beverages, chips etc. will always be faster and more accurate than forcing a cashier to choose items on the screen.  Scanners are an inexpensive way to speed up your line.

*Note that disabling EMV processing was not one of my recommended solutions.  Though I believe the value of EMV validation is often exaggerated, it is not zero.  More importantly, the additional security provided by encrypted payments utilizing E2EE or P2PE technology is an essential part of protecting credit card transactions in your café.  Traditional swipe payments using outdated Magnetic Stripe Readers (MSR) should be a thing of the past.

Implementing the recommended strategies should improve your checkout times, but those changes are limited by the nature of the transaction. 

Perhaps a better question might be how to eliminate them altogether.   

The best way to speed up checkout times in the café is to deploy self-order technology like self-order kiosks. Your guests can order and pay in one transaction and eliminate the need to stand in a cashier line at all. Increase your throughput and decrease wait times with a combination of kiosks and mobile ordering. Many of our clients have gone cashierless to decrease lines and increase guest satisfaction.

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