[FRANCHISE TIMES] BurgerFi Sees 20-25% Rise in Check Averages on NEXTEP Kiosks


An excerpt from Lining up behind restaurant kiosks by Nicholas Upton, Franchise Times, May 2018


As seen in most digital-ordering platforms, the ticket averages are higher, now that restaurants and retailers have largely figured out the ecommerce tactic of nudging customers to buy more and more.

“We will actually see an increase of 20 to 25 percent on the kiosk,” said [BurgerFi COO Steven] Buckley. “The ticket average is bumped because of a number of reasons. It walks the customer very clearly through the options. It has an upsell function where the computer knows to make suggestions to the guest based on their order.”

High-margin toppings are a big way to drive up the price of a typical item, and scrumptious images of sides and desserts are hard to say no to. In a typical line, those add-ons increase complexity for the order taker and slow things down.

And who wants to be the customer listing chili, cheese, bacon, grilled mushrooms and a fried egg aloud? Buckley said there’s a psychological component to the kiosk tickets—of course the customer always wants those toppings, but might be embarrassed to walk through them in person. 

BurgerFi partnered with NEXTEP SYSTEMS on the technology. NEXTEP sales manager Steve Dombroski said the first thing they did was make sure the solution fit the brand.

“You really want your brand to come th[r]ough on that design. We have an in-house design team that is charged with taking this brand, their colors, their actual pictures of their menu items and we build out their menu items,” said Dombroski. He said they have to walk through the order procedure, too, ensuring upsell options and suggestions come at the right time.

As every retailer knows, location matters, too. Because the technology is new, it must work in tandem with a lifetime of restaurant habits. So when customers walk in, the kiosk needs to be visible.

“The best practice is right up front at the front counter; how many depends on the volume,” said Dombroski, noting kiosks behind the line or squeezed into a corner are “not really profitable.”

The final piece to the kiosk puzzle actually requires a little human interaction. “We found that having a brand ambassador in the store the first few weeks is a good strategy.

That way if you see customers hesitate you can help them out and guide them through,” said Liah Luther, marketing manager at NEXTEP.

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