4 Ways Our Customer Support Team Has Your Back


From the Desk of Support Manager Brandi McCullen

McCullen gives a view into the workings of NEXTEP's Customer Support Team.

“You have reached the support voicemail for…” is never a phrase you want to hear when calling for help, especially technical support when there is a line out the door. We understand. When you reach out for support help, seconds feel like hours. You have customers in line, food waiting to be eaten, and dollar signs are fading before your eyes.

Here at NEXTEP, we take the approach that our success is based on your success. We want you to run smoothly and without hiccups, but of course, we are here if there are any. Here are 4 ways we will always have your back:


We're responsive.

Whether you call or email us, we will respond to you within 20 minutes. Not only that, but 87% of issues are resolved on the first call. No waiting around 24 hours for a ticket to be opened and another 24 for an answer. Reach out to us, and most likely, we will be able to resolve your issue immediately.

We always follow through.

Our goal aligns with our technology’s: we want to help your operations be as efficient as possible. That means we will do what it takes to keep your downtime to an absolute minimum. Does equipment need replacing? We’ll overnight it and get you an onsite technician if you want one. The replacement part, the shipping, and the installation are all on us.


We're easy to work with.

Need a reminder on how to change your menu? We’ll walk you through it. Want help setting up automatic inventory reports? We would be glad to show you how. In fact, we offer up to 2 hours at a time of free training and maintenance any time you need it. If you’d like to know more about any aspect of our platform, we can make time for you.


We listen to customer feedback.

After every support call, we solicit our customers' feedback. Using their comments, we identify and execute on opportunities for improvement. For us, it's important to continually adjust and refine our processes to optimize the customer experience.

To put it differently, we are accountable to our customers: we will never shrug and send you to someone else. So if our customers ever have an issue, they can give us a call here at NEXTEP HQ, and we will do all that we can to make the experience quick and frictionless.


Looking for a way to make your operations more efficient?

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