3 Failsafes To Keep Your NEXTEP Solution Up + Running

The Internet goes out. What do you do?

You could write everything down. But nearly half of consumers rarely or never use cash (2017 Amex Digital Payments Survey). The thought of strangers writing credit card information on a slip of paper to be processed at some later date is enough to drive customers right back out your door. In situations like these, it’s conceivable that you’ve not only lost that immediate business, but their future business, as well.

You need a better backup plan. Your POS needs to work even when other systems fail.

That’s why we’ve designed 3 layers of protection. We expect the unexpected so that you don’t have to.


1. What happens when the Internet goes out?

When your Internet connection goes out, your solution can no longer communicate with the cloud. But your kiosks and POS can all still talk to each other. That means your cashiers and kiosks can still accept orders and credit cards. All orders – along with encrypted credit card data – are sent to your local transaction manager, where they will be held until the Internet connection is restored. Once the Internet is back up, the stored data will be forwarded up to the cloud, automatically. And it’s business as usual.

The takeaway? When your Internet connection goes out, your guests don’t even have to know about it.


2. What happens when the Local Area Network (LAN) goes down?

When your local area network goes down, your kiosks, POS, and other solution components can no longer talk to each other. But thanks to POS Offline mode, you don’t have to close down until the network is fixed. Your cashiers can continue to take orders and payment at their POS stations. All the data will be stored locally until the LAN is back up.

The takeaway? When the LAN goes down, it doesn’t take your operations with it.


3. What happens when hardware fails?

Let’s say you keep your transaction manager on your back of house computer, and the computer gets dropped into the fryer. Without failover protection in place, you’d be straight back to the dark ages with pen and paper. But thanks to transaction manager redundancy, you won’t find yourself in that situation. With a flip of a switch, the backup transaction manager will swing into action.

The takeaway? With transaction manager redundancy, you can actually laugh at the sight of deep-fried hardware.


Want to learn more about POS Offline and other failsafes?

We'd love to talk to you about the measures we've taken to keeping you up and running, through thick and thin.