[VIDEO] Lunch: The Next Frontier

No Time for Lunch

Watch to find out how the Touchscreen Drive-Thru makes lunchtime possible even when you have no time.





Lunchtime is a battleground. The time when incompatible demands claim ownership over our most precious resource: time.

Stay glued to your desk, one voice beseeches. That report could use one last review before you ship it. Don’t forget that nagging chore, another voice insists, or else risk making your slog through rush hour even longer. And then, of course, your stomach makes itself known with a growling plea for a lunch spent actually eating.

Time constraints – as well as the mass delusion of “always-on” productivity – have made lunch a time of great sacrifice for most American employees.

But studies have shown that “even brief diversions from a task can dramatically improve one’s ability to focus on that task for prolonged periods.” A few minutes out of the office gathering fuel will actually make your time in the office more productive.

So in the interest of making peace, we’ve designed the drive thru to deliver the optimal productive diversion.

No time for lunch? Think again.

Watch the video to see how our Touchscreen Drive-Thru makes lunch a reasonable endeavor for you as well as for the rest of the 63% of American workers who look to buy lunch from a restaurant nearby at lunch time.


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